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Treason or just misprision of treason???

May 12, 2012



Robert Quinn

18 Lakeview Drive South

Haines City, Fla. 33844

863 439 3212


Robert S Mueller, Director

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


Dear Director Mueller;


The oath you took to attain the position of Director of the FBI states I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without
any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”


This oath requires you to defend the Constitution, not a person sitting as President and Commander in Chief of our Military Forces and especially one whose only evidence of Constitutional eligibility to hold this office is a birth certificate and selective service registration form that have been verified by Law Enforcement to be forgeries.


Director Mueller, your inaction as Director of the FBI strongly indicates you have joined together with the other collaborators in Obama’s plan to fundamentally change our form of government from our Constitution based Republic into a more Marxist/Socialist Regime of his choosing. Thus far you have surrendered your constitutional responsibility to defend and protect this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic, as your oath of office requires, by your refusal to investigate the criminal complaints and requests for an FBI investigation into these forgeries as I, as well as Mr. Douglas Vogt, have submitted.


You are instead utilizing your agency as a protective shield for these criminals. I have enclosed a copy of my complaint sent May 23, 2011 and the following information will take you to the professionally prepared complaint of Mr. Douglas Vogt, who verified last week that he has received no response from either his Certified Letter #70103090000164047804 to you dated July 7, 2011 nor his later phone call.


Under these circumstances I am going to speak to you as I would speak to a corrupt fully armed on duty police officer cowering in silence while watching a superior sexually molest and rape a helpless child. You sir, have been functioning as a treasonous coward and traitor to your country by showing total and complete disregard for your duty as Director of the FBI in this critical national security matter.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Az. has produced a report with video clips, that cannot be disproved, detailing the process they used and concludes probable cause exists that Obama’s birth certificate and selective service registration card are both forgeries and you, Director Mueller, cannot point to one authentic document that proves he is even a citizen of this country.


As you must already know, your superior, the corrupt Eric Holder, will never allow anyone under his jurisdiction to investigate this matter and if a special prosecutor to conduct such an investigation is designated by him it will just become another issue to be swept under the rug, just as he has done with the Fast and Furious scandal and his deathly silence while the New Back Panther Party openly broadcasts their bounty for the kidnapping of Mr. Zimmerman here in Florida who is in fear for his life.


Director Mueller, I and thousands others like me, view this situation as a silent coup d’état in which we have a probable usurper sitting as President and Commander in Chief of our Military Forces running for re-election, with a totally corrupt Justice Department and media to protect him and a corrupt congress functioning as treasonous cowards totally willing to let these Obama collaborators complete the promised transformation of our Republic through misprision of treason by gambling away this country’s future and its sovereignty in the hope that somehow he will not be re-elected. What in the hell do you think is going happen if he wins??

Can you cowards not see the similarity to Hitler’s rise to power?? Can you not see his total disrespect for yourself, the FBI, Congress, our Historic Rule of Law and our Constitution?? Can you not see the worldwide forces supporting this man’s rise to absolute total control of this country are not going to give up that power gracefully?? Do you not question the need for Obama’s recent executive order authorizing the preparation for the implementation of his new Peacetime Version of Martial Law upon which crisis he alone will decide when to fully implement with total disregard for the Constitution and Congress??  Did you not see Obama’s secret nod to Medvedev that he will have much more flexibility to give Russia’s Putin what he wants after the election??

Director Mueller, since the Obama/Holder team already know you are afraid to challenge them with the fact law enforcement long ago verified probable cause exists Obama’s birth certificate and selective service registration form are both forgeries, they know damn well you will never challenge them on anything they choose to do and therefore they view you and your FBI as nothing more than cowards and co-conspirators.

Must we patriots degrade our belief in our Historic Rule of Law down into that level which the Obama Justice Department now openly accepts as lawful?? Must someone put a bounty on you or perhaps one of your family members before you realize the fate of the treasonous path you have been following by surrendering your integrity and constitutional responsibility over to a man whose eligibility documents are provable forgeries?? Can you not see the disgrace you are forcing upon all members of the FBI??

Director Mueller, it is not yet to late. There is still time for you to redeem your integrity for the history books by conducting an immediate investigation into this critical national security matter by sitting down with Sheriff Arpaio and his investigators and allow them to present the evidence they have developed for your forensic analysis and confirmation. It is your FBI that has the Federal Investigative Authority to open the sealed files wherein these authentic documents are located, if they factually exist at all and resolve this critical matter before it is to late to save our beloved Republic.

Just as there came a time during the Nixon Presidency when the evidence of illegal activity became so clear members of his own administration came forth and made clear it was time for Nixon to vacate the presidency or else. That time is now here for someone in the Obama Administration to come forward and this critical saving task now falls directly upon your shoulders as Director of the revered Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I pray God will give you the courage to shake off your fear of the Obama/Holder team and of being called a racist if you defy political correctness and willful ignorance and actually carry out your constitutional responsibility as FBI Director. If you fail, you are not only a traitorous coward but a fool as well and you will go down in the history books as the FBI Director who could have saved the Republic but chose instead to capitulate to the new political leader, just as the remaining government in Germany surrendered its power to Hitler back in the 1930’s.

Please be advised that if I do not hear from you within 30 days with an informed and intelligent response it will confirm you have chosen to be a treasonous collaborator with those seeking the destruction of our beloved Republic and our Constitution. You will confirm that our Historic Rule of Law no longer exists.


PS – Let me make this perfectly clear. My questions to you are in no way a threat to you or anyone else. We must instead prevent such threats as the New Black Panther Party can now openly make with the corrupt Eric Holders obvious approval. My intent is to somehow make you officials, who are truly responsible to investigate a critical national security matter of this magnitude, to be aware of exactly just what is to be our future if this issue is not resolved before the next election. If this corrupt administration is given another 4 years of placing more Marxist Czars, Judges and lying bureaucrats into our government it will be impossible for us to ever recover short of revolution. Think of your children’s future living under a Marxist Regime and do your job, even if it costs you that job in the process. Meet with Sheriff Arpaio and if you cannot disprove his work, join him and resolve this critical issue for the sake of your country and your grandchildren.



// From:

rlqretired   <>


tampa.division   <>


Criminal   Complaint and Request for an FBI Investigation


Mon, May   23, 2011 5:46 pm


Obama_affidavit_5-10-2011.pdf   (769K)


May 23, 2011

Robert Quinn

18 Lakeview Drive South

Haines City, Florida 33844,



FBI Special Agent In Charge

Steven E. Ibison

5525 West Gray Street

Tampa, Florida 33609


Dear Special Agent Ibison;


Please accept this letter as a criminal complaint against Loretta J. Fuddy, Director of the Hawaiian Department of Health and other presently unknown co-conspirators.


Director Fuddy and the presently unknown state employees under her supervision that participated in the illegal creation of this forged Certificate of Live Birth, created for President Obama and signed by the State Registrar on 4/25/2011, have committed a classic criminal felony. The evidence of this criminal act is overwhelming and irrefutable.


 In support of this charge I first offer the attached Affidavit by Douglas B. Vogt, a well qualified expert in this field to conduct a forensic analysis as to the authenticity of this new document the president has proudly placed upon the Whitehouse website.


There is no Hawaiian statute, rule or regulation that gives the Director of Health the legal authority to produce a totally fake Certificate of Live Birth, under any circumstance, and that is precisely what the attached affidavit of an expert in this field has proven with irrefutable evidence.


This is not, as claimed by Director Fuddy, a factual copy of an authentic original Certificate of Live Birth copied from an open book onto security paper. It is instead, a composite computer generated forgery made up to look like it was a page copied from an open book onto security paper. This is an exceptionally poor quality forgery and those that participated in its creation have committed a most serious national security crime, by fabricating a fake birth certificate to prove a person is qualified to be President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief of our Military Forces.

In further support of this criminal complaint I offer the following videos, made by other knowledgeable and experienced persons in this field that visually demonstrates this evidence and brings forth additional new evidence as well. Author, Albert Renshaw. There are 4 parts to this total presentation. Author, Karl Denninger, an Obama Supporter and voter in 2008. Denninger update 2. Denninger final.


And finally, in the Registrars Certification, the word THE has been misspelled as TXE.

Forgery of a public document constitutes a class B felony in Hawaii and multiple violations under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028 and your immediate attention to this matter is mandatory.


This forgery will be used to justify and permit election fraud in all 50 States, including my State of Florida, in the 2012 presidential election process. The FBI has the responsibility and mandate to investigate this criminal complaint as this evidence is overwhelming, irrefutable and has nationwide impact.


In conclusion I want to make it un-questionably clear. This criminal complaint is not made against President Obama and is strictly limited to those individuals, along with Director Fuddy, that participated in the fabrication of this blatant forgery. I say this because President Obama has publicly proclaimed they are the producers of this document and it was hand delivered to the Whitehouse by his lawyer, Judith Corley.


There is no Hawaiian statute that provides privacy protection for a forged certificate of live birth and this document can now unquestionably be released to the FBI under the normal UIPA request procedure for further hands on analysis. (Always available to an FBI investigation)


And one final point for your consideration; Why would the Hawaiian Department of Health, who’s responsibility and mandate is to preserve the authenticity of Hawaii’s original birth records, be allowed to possess the Adobe Illustrator software that was used to fabricate Obama’s new birth certificate? Or, is this manipulation of original birth record data a normal and accepted part of the preservation procedure in Hawaii? If so, this raises far-reaching questions as to the validity of any records what so ever coming from the HDOH.


Special Agent Ibison, I pray the rampant corruption that prevails in Washington, DC has not gotten to the extent that critical national security criminal activity can/must be covered-up and tolerated by dedicated and responsible individuals such as yourself. If so, this country is doomed and our children will suffer tremendously. Four more years of this corruption providing for the appointment of more Marxist/Progressive Bureaucrats and Judges and we will never recover.


Robert Quinn